Fishing Some useful Tips

So you want to go fishing? Well, let me give you some advice.

Before you fish anywhere, the first thing you should do is check whether fishing is allowed, and, if it is, whether or not you need to buy or apply for a permit to fish there. Next, decide on what kind of fish it is that you’re looking for, so you can buy the right kind of bait. Using the right equipment will massively increase the amount of fish you catch, guaranteed.

If you’re not sure about what to get, just ask them in the fishing shop – they will also be able to help you pick out a rod that matches your height and build well, if you don’t already have one.

When you’re casting a line, always look around before you throw to see if there are people behind you or in front of you – you don’t want to hit them, and it’s all too easy to get careless. If you’re using a worm as bait, make sure to put it through the hook twice, so it doesn’t go flying off the line.

Be patient if you’re using floating lures – it can take a long time, but often fish will be lying in wait, biding their time before they catch their prey. When a fish bites, make sure to reel it in a little, then let it out a little, and then the same again. Slow progress is the key, otherwise the line may break. Work with the fish and it won’t struggle. The bigger the fish that you’ve got hooked, the more important this is – patience is a very big part of fishing even once the fish is on the line.

Once you’ve caught a fish, don’t leave it to lie around and suffocate slowly – that’s cruel. Instead, twist its neck or slam it on the ground to kill it quickly and humanely. If the fish is really small, put it straight back, as there’s no point in killing it or causing it any more suffering when it’s no good to you anyway.

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